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    Linda Craig Memorial Scholarship Recipient

    My name is Kirsten Bondy; I am a fifth year senior athletic training student at Indiana State University. I am also a single mother. My son Cayden is two years old. I am honored to be a recipient of the 2007 Linda Craig Memorial Scholarship.

    This scholarship has been a tremendous help to me and my son this year. The award has given us the financial assistance we need to get through one more year of school, allowing me to focus on completing my degree. Being an athletic training major, I have a required number of hours to complete for my clinical responsibilities; this significant time commitment to my clinical hours leaves me very little to no time to work a paying job during the school year. This scholarship allowed me to pay for daycare for my son this year while I am completing my clinical requirements, as well as to provide the necessities for Cayden to grow up like any other two-year-old.

    This year, I am working with the Indiana State men’s basketball team to round out my clinical experience. Cayden is doing great: he is happy, healthy, and very smart. He continues to amaze me everyday and is a significant motivation for me to successfully complete my athletic training degree.

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