50/50 Raffle


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50/50 Raffle Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pacers Foundation 50/50 Raffle?

The Pacers Foundation 50/50 Raffle is a chance for one lucky fan to win prize money while supporting the Pacers Foundation. To participate, a fan must buy a 50/50 ticket that will be available for sale throughout Bankers Life Fieldhouse at staffed kiosks with handheld electronic mobile devices as well as sellers throughout the stadium. The gross proceeds of 50/50 raffle tickets sold at each game go into a prize pool – 50% is awarded to the winner of a random draw which occurs after halftime and the remaining 50% is donated to the Pacers Foundation. Every ticket transaction is electronically recorded and updated on the mobile devices and various screens around Bankers Life Fieldhouse so fans can monitor the draw and funds raised in real time.

How do I buy a 50/50 raffle ticket?

You can purchase a 50/50 raffle ticket from one of the 50/50 raffle sellers throughout Bankers Life Fieldhouse home Indiana Pacers games. There are also kiosks located on the main concourse of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Only cash is an accepted form of payment.

Where can I buy 50/50 raffle tickets?

50/50 raffle ticket can be purchased from 50/50 raffle sellers throughout the stadium as well as staffed kiosks located on the main concourse.

When can raffle tickets be purchased?

Tickets can be purchased when game doors open through the end of halftime. The winner will be announced shortly after in the 3rd quarter.

How do I know my raffle numbers?

Raffle numbers are printed directly on each ticket.

How much does each ticket cost?**

3 for $5
10 for $10
60 for $20

**Ticket prices subject to change

Who can purchase tickets?

Purchasers must be over the age of 18.

What payment is accepted?

Cash is the only accepted form of payment. NO debit cards, credit cards or checks accepted.

I work at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, can I participate?

No, Bankers Life Fieldhouse employees along with Pacers Sports & Entertainment employees and immediate family may not participate in the 50/50 raffle. Please see the official rules and regulations for eligibility.

How is the winner selected?

Tickets will be randomly drawn at the end of sales. All sales will conclude after halftime. Once the winning number is chosen, the winning number will be displayed on the ribbon boards throughout the seating bowl as well as the monitor boards at the Southwest corner. The winning number will also be announced in stadium during the third quarter. Participants can also find the winning number on 50/50 raffle kiosks, through the Pacers Foundation Twitter (@Pacersfdn), Pacers App and by visiting www.pacersfoundation.org/5050raffle.

Does the winner need to be present to win?

No, the winner does not need to be present in order to win. Winners have until 30 days after the game the winning ticket was drawn to claim their prize. Any unclaimed prize that has not been redeemed within 30 days after this game, will be used towards a future Pacers Foundation 50/50 Raffle pot. Please note the winning ticket must be presented to redeem a prize. To redeem a winning ticket, please visit Guest Relations located on the main concourse, call (317) 917-2548 or email kwedseltoft@Pacers.com.

When will I receive payment?

The winning recipient will receive their payment no more than 30 days after the drawing.

What is the mission of the Pacers Foundation?

Pacers Foundation, Inc., the public charity founded by Pacers Sports & Entertainment, is dedicated to improving the lives of Indiana’s young people by building individual and corporate partnerships that will provide assistance for projects that benefit Indiana’s youth. Since its inception in 1993, the Pacers Foundation has awarded more than $4 million in cash and in-kind donations through grants to youth-serving organizations. Please visit www.pacersfoundation.org to find out more about the Pacers Foundation.

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